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The Reds Hall of Fame Shop


Commissioned by the Cincinnati Reds for their recently renovated Hall of Fame Shop, CHAATRIK Architecture developed a new free-standing structure to extend the existing HOF retail space outdoors and provide an easily accesssible space for fans during game days.

Playing off themes of the Big Red Machine and the iconic form of the "dugout", our team worked diligently to truly craft this intimate building. Employing principles of sustainability and adhering to budgetary constraints, we incoporated found items from the existing stadium into the design, including an overhead garage door, glass panels and exterior doors.

Through careful attention to detail, the design team brought forth the brand of the Hall of Fame into specific materials and lighting selections. This project is under construction and currently stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, we are all eager to see this come to fruition in the upcoming months ahead!

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